Dirinco has several certifications, requirements for regulatory purposes for the scopes design, Dirinco innovates, produces and distributes products to improve the quality and effectiveness of treatment in patients with acute life-threatening or serious chronic disorders.

Our focus is on the patient. Dirinco is an excellent partner for customers, suppliers and employees. Dirinco is highly valued for its for innovation, quality and service.

Citra-Lock superior to taurolock

More efficient than Taurolidine-based Locking Solutions to prevent Thrombotic Dysfunction of Tunnelled Hemodialyse Catheters: a Retrospective Cohort Study.

Always Innovating

We are an independent company, with more than three decades of experience in marketing healthcare products.
With its roots in haemodialysis, Dirinco has become an expert in extracorporeal circulation treatment of renal failure and catheter lock solutions.