Citra-Lock™ 30%

A pure citrate catheter lock solution

Using Citra-Lock 30%

  • improves overall patency rates
  • reduces catheter-related infections
  • reduces major bleeding for both tunneled an untunneld Central Venous Catheters (CVC)

Anti Microbial

Since the introduction of Citra-Lock (46,7%) to the renal departmant of St.Bard’s renal unit (Royal London Hospital) has proven record in managing MRSA.
The number of MRSA infections has fallen from 2,27/1000 patiens catheter days to 1,36/1000 patiens catheter days.
Citra-Lock intervention provides significant benefit to patiens, provides an extra 2-3 bed days to the hospital an provides savings of € 145.000,- .

Anti Coagulant

Citra-Lock is based on higly concentrated trisodium citrate that prevents clotting and therefore helps maintaining high flow rates whilst greatly reducing the need for Urokinase/tPA and otheter replacements.

Reducing Biofilm

Trisodium citrate (TSC) lowers infection rates by reducing biofilm formation in hemodialysis catheters. The study of Bosma (2009) demonstrates an in vivo reduction of intraluminal catheter biofilm formation and bacterial colonizasion with the use of TSC 30% for HD catheter locking. By this mechanism, prevention of catheter-related infections by TSC can be largely explained.

Increase Safety & Simplified handling

The Citra-Lock vial features a drip free Luer-Slip/Luer-Lock connector:

  • preventing microbial contaminationluer slip lock
  • protecting against needle stick injuries
  • reducing handling steps
  • promoting intuitive handing

Citra-Lock™ 30% 5ml vial
Boxes contain 20 x 5ml vial 24060203

Citra-Lock superior to taurolock

More efficient than Taurolidine-based Locking Solutions to prevent Thrombotic Dysfunction of Tunnelled Hemodialyse Catheters: a Retrospective Cohort Study.

Always Innovating

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With its roots in haemodialysis, Dirinco has become an expert in extracorporeal circulation treatment of renal failure and catheter lock solutions.